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DraftKings Promotion

Introduction to DraftKings Promotion

DraftKings’ offers one welcome bonus across its entire suite of products and services. The welcome promotion is for new customers and requires no promo code. After you make your initial deposit, you can claim your FREE ticket to enter a paid contest. This ticket is valid up to one year.

DraftKings’ rewards existing users also with their loyalty program, Frequent Player Points. Users earn points based on the amount of their paid entry. They can also receive points for daily missions.

The table above briefly describes the DraftKings’ welcome promotion currently available as well as the Frequent Players Point program.

Below we will go into further details on the welcome bonus as well as the loyalty program.

DraftKings No Promo Code Necessary

DraftKings Promotion – Free $3 Entry Ticket

DraftKings’ “FREE $3 ticket to play in any $3 paid contest” promotion requires NO PROMO CODE. All you need to do is sign up for a new account and make an initial deposit of $5 or more.

With this free ticket you will be able to enter paid contests. This gives you a free chance to earn money directly back into your account.

You will have up to a year to use your free, after that time it will expire and can no longer be redeemed.

DraftKings Registration

No Promo Code Needed

The current promotion, for “FREE $3 ticket to play in any $3 paid contest,” requires no promo code. All you need to obtain your free ticket is be a new user and make a minimum deposit of $5. Current users are not eligible for this promotion. To sign up for a new account, follow the instructions below.

Sign-Up for First Times Users

The info required to set up an account is simple. The simpler way is to sign up using your Facebook account. The second options, is to fill out a form with these pieces of information: username, valid email, password, country, state and your birthday. You can leave the promo field empty, as you will still receive your free $3 ticket for a paid contest.

Make sure to read the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Pages.” Once you are finished reading, make sure the click on the box that you agree.

Next press the “Sign Up” button and you will soon receive a confirmation email.

Once your account is verified, you can now sign into your account with the username and password you provided above. The next step to redeem your free entry ticket is to make an initial deposit into your account.

DraftKings First Deposit

Your First DraftKings Deposit

After signing up for an account, you will want to deposit money into your DraftKings’ account. Once you make an initial deposit of $5 or more, you will be able to redeem your free $3 ticket to enter various paid contests.

Your deposit will need to come from a real money account. An example of acceptable credit cards are from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also use a debit card or PayPal account to add money to your DraftKings’ account.

DraftKings’ gives you the option to select predefined amounts of $25, $100, $250 and $600. If you prefer to deposit a different amount. Select “Others” and you can deposit the amount of your choice.

Remember, a minimum of $5 is needed to receive your free $3 ticket.

How DraftKings Works

DraftKings’ offers paid and free “Contests.” These contests give you the chance to win money prizes by competing against other DraftKings’ users. Contests are open to registered DraftKings’ users. There is a limit to the number of contestants allowed in a contest. Once filled, you will no longer be able to enter.

The next thing that differentiates contests is the contest type. This will dictate the scoring and positions available to set up your team. Make sure to read a contests’ “Contest Rules” and “Details & Scoring” information as this will determine your strategy for filling out your roster. Contests can be 24 hours long up until 1 week, depending on the sport as well as the game type.

DraftKings' Lobby

You do not need to finish first to win cash prizes, all you need to do is finish in the winners bracket. Different contest types, also affects the way prize payouts are distributed. This means that the position you need to place for a prize payout varies, as well as the payout amount each position in the winner bracket receives.

If you are new to DraftKings’ and daily fantasy sports, make sure to search for “Beginner” games as you will be competing against players with less that 50 contests entered and not against those with more experience.

Classic fantasy leagues for different sports can also be set-up through DraftKings in a season long format. “Leagues” allows users to play for free amongst friends and family in a private setting. You choose the rules and you choose who to compete against. DraftKings’ makes it easy for you to invite them by email.

DraftKings Loyalty Program

Earning Frequent Player Points from Entry Fees

Players that enter contests frequently are rewarded by DraftKings and receive points in the form of “Frequent Player Points”, also referred to as FPP throughout their website. The FPPs you earn can be used to enter other paid contests by purchasing tickets with your FPP. These free tickets, to paid contests, give you a chance to win cash prizes.

For every $1 you pay in entry fees, you will recent 1 FPP into your account. If you enter a free contest, you will receive 0 FPPs. But if you enter $10 contest you receive 10 FPPs once the contest is completed. The more contests you enter or the higher your entry fees cost, the more FPPs you will earn.

DraftKings FPP Dashboard
DraftKings Daily Missions

Earn FPPs from Daily Missions

DraftKing has added another way for you to earn FPPs in the form of “Daily Missions.” These missions usually need to be completed by Midnight EST each day. They are often fairly simple to earn these rewards and can be as easy as entering a $1 or more contest. Not only do your receive 1 FPP for each $1 you spend in entry fees, you also receive the free FPPs for completing the mission.

Note: You can only claim the daily missions once per day.

The FPPs received from “Daily Missions” are added to the same FPP total you earned from entry fees (described in the previous section).

DraftKings' Store for Contest Tickets

Purchase Contest Tickets with FPP

To use your FPP to purchase contest tickets for paid contests, click on the DraftKings’ shop at the drop down menu when you click your profile. In the shop, click on the menu on the left and then click “Contest Tickets”. Here you’ll be able to purchase contest tickets. As of writing, for every 550 FPP you have in your account you can purchase $1 in contest tickets. You can buy purchase a ticket for as little as 150 FPP and this will allow you to enter a $0.25 contest.

Whether you play a lot, or even occasionally, you’ll be able to turn your FPP earned into another chance to win paid prizes.

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